Vietnamese Immersion Program

Our language of choice reflects the strong connection we have with the Vietnamese community in Footscray. Learning a language develops students' understanding of Vietnamese language and culture.

Footscray Primary School’s language program immerses students in the Vietnamese language in a deeply connective environment. The immersion method of learning a language means children learn the same curriculum in Vietnamese. This creates deeper learning and greater fluency than simply learning Vietnamese as a language.

Footscray Primary School also has a sister school in Vietnam – Phước Tiến Primary School in Nha Trang – Vietnam – and we routinely organise visits between the two schools. These are opportunities for our students to visit the country where the language that they learn is used and to experience Vietnamese culture first-hand. Every two years our students visit the sister school.

Many researchers have shown the benefits of learning of another language, including improving learners’ thinking and cognitive skills as well as helping them becoming more reflective, open-minded and risk-taking. The following links are some readings or videos on this topic.

The cognitive benefits of being bilingual
Grammar and identity
An article about point of view in different languages
Techniques to learn new languages


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