Bilingual Target Language Consultation


We are now in the process of consulting with the community on the language selection for our Bilingual Program. Please visit our Language Learning page for more information on our vision for excellence in language learning and more details on our Vietnamese language program. 

Our new bilingual language will be one of the five most commonly taught languages; Chinese-Mandarin, French, Indonesian, Italian, and Japanese. Our Languages Subcommittee have prepared this information sheet to support you as you consider your language preference for the Footscray Primary School Bilingual Program. 

If you would like to learn more about each of the languages please browse through the resources provided below. When you're ready you can share your preferences with us by completing the Target Language Preference Survey via the links below. Hard copies of the survey will be sent home to all families, however, where possible we encourage families to complete the survey online. 


English - Bilingual Target Language Community Survey

Vietnamese - Bilingual Target Language Community Survey

Chinese- Mandarin

Why learn Chinese?

Abbotsford Primary School - Chinese-Mandarin Bilingual Program

Richmond West Primary School - Chinese-Mandarin Bilingual Program



Why learn French?

Camberwell Primary School - French Bilingual Program



Why learn Indonesian?



Why learn Italian?

Brunswick South Primary School - Italian Bilingual Program



Why learn Japanese?

Caulfield Primary School

Huntingdale Primary School


More information on Language Learning 

Language Provision in Victorian Government Schools, 2018

Running a language program


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