Our community is made up of parents and carers who believe and support Footscray Primary School’s vision for students who are capable of thriving and leading in a rapidly changing multicultural world.

More than 30 cultures and a variety of socio-economic dynamics are represented within the school’s population. We believe this diversity gives students rich and authentic opportunities to develop empathy, understanding and open-mindedness. Our community values are showcased through initiatives such as the All Aboard project, which aims to ensure every student can attend excursions and wear appropriate uniform regardless of their financial background, and the Respectful Relationships program, which builds students’ empathy and social and emotional intelligence.

Our community aims to ensure that every school experience is positive and respectful. We celebrate diversity and believe a sense of belonging and inclusion are fundamental to children’s learning and ability to fully participate in life at school and beyond.


In 2020, we have established an official family and friends committee known as the FPS Social Club. Parents, carers and friends are at the heart of our school community. At FPS we know that connecting families through the parent and carer network is an important way of supporting an environment that is energetic, vibrant and engaged. If you would like to learn more about the FPS Social Club or get involved please email

Garden Club

The parent-led garden club allows students to observe plants’ life cycle from paddock to plate. The club promotes sustainability while offering opportunities for parents to mix and contribute to school life.

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